Dementia: Early Signs & Behavior Changes

Lecture 2: Dementia: Early Signs & Behavior Changes

On January 23, 2014 Georgetown Village’s Health Care Advisory Committee organized a lecture on the early signs and behavior changes associated with Dementia.

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This lecture Dementia: Early Signs & Behavior Changes was given by recognized expert in the field of Aging and Dementia Dr. Anya Parpura. Dr. Papura has devoted 15 years to research of gerontological issues such as loneliness, successful ageing, care for Alzheimer’s disease, patients etc. She has broad experience in teaching and training and has authored a number of papers and educational materials on these topics.

Facts about Dementia:  Dementia affects 5-8% of people 65 years of age and this prevalence increases with age. Yet, up to 30% of elderly affected by dementia remain un-diagnosed, and only half of those are adequately treated. Many people with dementia experience behavior changes that have negative impacts on their well-being and in turn increases the burden of the caregiver.

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