Covid -19 Information Resources

The Georgetown Village Health Care committee includes health care professionals and discusses different options for the Village and how we can safely move ahead in a way that is most beneficial to our members, while trying to keep everyone safe.


View the Georgetown Village Covid-19 transportation policy here.


Below are some links to articles that have been provided to our members by the Health Care committee:

The following options to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, booster, or test kits will continue to be available:

Local retailers and pharmacies: directs people to a local free testing location directs people to a local free vaccination site.

KN95 Masks & Rapid Tests Available

Georgetown Village currently has a limited number of KN95 masks, and in home test kits for our members and active volunteers.


Please contact the GV office at 202-999-8988 or email [email protected] for more information.

Masks will NOT be required at:

Restaurants and bars


Sports and entertainment venues


Gyms, recreation centers, and indoor athletic facilities


Houses of worship




Grocery stores and pharmacies


Retail establishments


DC Government offices/areas with no public interaction

Masks STILL will be required at:

Any private business that wants to require use of masks by its employees or customers


Schools, childcare facilities, and libraries


Congregate facilities: nursing homes/assisted living facilities, shelters, dorms, and correctional facilities


Healthcare/medical facilities


Public transit, taxis, and rideshare vehicles


DC Government facilities with direct interaction between employees and the public (e.g., DMV service centers, DHS service centers)

Omicron & Mask Strategy

Cloth masks are stylish, but many health experts are now recommending that we upgrade our mask choice. Surgical masks (the disposable ones) or N95/KN95 masks, three-ply masks all offer higher degree of protection. You can learn more about masking strategy in this article from NPR.



One note of warning – there are a lot of fake N95/KN95 masks out there, so don’t order the first thing you see on Amazon.



Reputable masks can be found from 3MHoneywellHope Health Supply or Demetech websites, or at Project N95.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information