For Your Health

Since the start of the pandemic our Health Care Committee hosts an Information call on a regular basis to answer our members and volunteers questions, and provide up to date information. 

Comprised of medical and scientific professionals, our committee works on behalf of our members to try to ensure their health and well-being.

Following our  monthly online discussion with the Health Care Committee, Dr. Fred Rickles contacted the GV office with the following information:

“Given the unpredictability of flu seasons from year to year, the Health Care Committee promised to monitor closely the CDC and DC web sites for reported cases of influenza in the DC metropolitan area. This summary indicates an earlier than expected rise in cases of influenza in DC. Therefore, we have altered our prior recommendation of delaying flu shots, if your primary care provider agreed, so as to coincide better with the usual peak of cases in December/January. We now urge that you discuss with your PCP getting your flu shot ASAP, if they agree.